Extrusion lines

In 2011 our service center in the Greater Moscow Area launched manufacture of associated parts for the extrusion lines to produce PVC profiles. Calibration tables, pulling and cutoff devices are customized and can be adapted to work with any extruder. You can find an extruder in China or Europe or we can offer you a complete production line with an extruder made in Turkey. In any case you may choose the appropriate list of equipment to meet your needs and financial capacity.

The equipment is designed by the lead engineers of Turkey assisted by the Russian and German consultants. We asked for and took into consideration dozens of our customers’ requests. These requests coupled with our expertise in extrusion equipment manufacturing allowed us to offer user-friendly and efficient equipment to meet any customer’s needs.

The on-site assembly in Russia allowed us to decrease our transport and customs costs, so that we could offer you good value for money. Our qualified staff and associated parts warehouse in Russia allow us to shoot problems on the same day! Whether you choose one of the standard lists of equipment or the line is customized for you, you can be sure that you will obtain high-quality equipment made in consideration of workstation ergonomics as well as energy and resource efficiency of PVC profile extrusion.
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