Screws and barrels

The sustained polymer extrusion highly depends on the screws and barrels condition. Considering the specific nature of Russian market we offer advanced screws and barrels of 1.8550 steel alongside with the standard ones made of SAE 4140 steel for single-screw extruders. After screw manufacturing the cylinder undergoes nitriding, thus ensuring continuous and sustained operation. For the specific recycling needs screws can be made of metal powder, while the cylinder can be bimetal.

For your convenience, upon making orders we can offer you our special models where you can specify all necessary parameters without any additional operations to adapt screws and barrels to your equipment. Our cooperation with SENMAK (Turkey) and WAFO (Germany) allows us to offer screws and barrels for any types of extruders. Apart from that, our company offers a warehouse program for certain screws and barrels.

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